Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends.  Hope all of you had a wonderful day.  I did not getting anything for Christmas that was stitching related but my Dear Sweat Husband did get me two birds.  I got a 16 week old Sun Conure and a 6 month old Brown Throated Conure.

This one I'm naming Mango

and this one I'm naming Kiwi

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mountain Wolf WIP, (ISHW)

Here is a pic of Mountain Wolf week 1 wip.  I have not had much stitching time but trying to fit in as much as I can.

 I also signed up for the ISHW and was only able to stitch a total of 4 hours over the weekand.  I forgot we were celebrating Christmas with all my out of town family over the weekand.  So hopefully the next one in January I will beable to get in more stitching time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Stockings

I had a busy morning with Christmas shopping.  I also fit in time to sew up the Christmas Stockings so now they are ready to be given for Christmas.  I think they turned out great.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I signed up for the Wipocalypse sal sound like it will be fun.  Will be looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on next year.

To sign up for this SAL visit Measi's Musingings Here

 This will be a SAL for fun, not a contest.  Everyone stitches at a different pace, on different sized projects, with different goals and concepts of accomplishment, so a standard set of one-size-fits-all rules simply won’t work.  So whether you’re a one-at-a-time stitcher or an insane rotationer like me,  gather up the UFOs and WIPs on which you’d love to make good progress (or finish) and join us.

Here are the rules for the 2012 Wipocalypse:

1)  To sign up, leave a comment on this post with your blog address. International bloggers are welcome.
2) Sometime shortly before the start of 2012, make a list of the projects you will be focusing on. Add to and adjust this list throughout the year as you desire.  There are no restrictions regarding new starts for this SAL.  If you feel the desire to start a piece in 2012, add it to your list!
3) On each full moon (or thereabouts), post your progress photos to your site – even if your progress was slower than you hoped.  Label that post with “WIPocalypse” to make it easy for me to find.
4) Once you’ve posted, come over to my blog and find my full moon post, and comment that you’ve updated.  I will create a check-in list of URLs each month for easy blog surfing so fellow participants and readers can cheer you on.
Why is it important to post each month even if you’ve made little progress?  You’ll earn one chance, per status post, for a giveaway drawing to be done on New Year’s Day, 2013!  I don’t want to discourage folks who may have issues that prevent them from posting for a month and force them to give up entirely on the SAL, but I also want to reward those who do check in every month.
What will be in the drawing?  Honestly, I’m not sure yet!  That will be determined throughout 2012 as I add to the box during my trips to my local LNS.  If you’d like to contribute to the box, email me (address below) and I’ll send you my address. Clean, unmarked charts (respect copyright – no photocopies!), finished items, new floss skeins, fabric, etc. are all welcome.  If you have other ideas for a contribution, drop me an email to discuss.
Full moon dates for 2012:
January 9
February 7
March 8
April 6
May 5
June 4
July 3
August 1
August 31
September 29
October 29
November 28
December 28

Q-Snap Huggie

I did it.  I was able to make my own q-snap huggie to fit my 11x11 q-snap frame.  I'm not a sewer but I think it turned out looking good and it seems to work.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Stocking Finished.

Woo Hoo another 2011 finish.  I started this stocking on Nov 11, 2011 and finished it today Dec 11, 2011.   This stocking is for my DIL.

My plan was to start Fire and Ice next but after looking through all my stash I found that I don't have everything I need to start stitching that one, so after much debating and seeing what I have to stitch I have decided to start Mountain Wolf designed by Dyan Allaire,  I will be stitching it on 28 ct Evenweave Light blue Jobelan.  Finished Design size is 14 w x 18.7 h.

This is what it should like when I'm finished.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Totally Useless Stitch Along (TUSAL)

So I seen this on some of the blogs that I follow so thought to myself, hey this is a Stitch along that I will have no problem keeping up with so I joined along.

Find out how you can join and what the rules are Here

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rebecca Lynn

My granddaughter Rebecca Lynn came into the world on December 6, 2011 at 2:19 pm.  She weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches.  I'm so very happy for my son David and his wife Karla.  They are going to make the best parents.  She is my first grandbaby and I can't wait to spoil her.  So this proud grandma is going to post some pics of her.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Been Busy

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with the holidays upon us, but I'm still getting some stitching done.  I'm almost finished with the Santa Stocking I will post WIP pics 3 and 4.  As soon I'm finished with the stocking my plan is to start stitching Fire and Ice by Kustom Krafts.

 WIP #4

 WIP #3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santa Stocking WIP 2

Wow I'm on a roll 2 updates in one day.  LOL.   Here is a WIP wk 2 of the Santa Stocking.

Update, with a finish

It has been over a month since I updated my blog so thought it was time to do so.

We are all moved into our new house have everything put away, and I'm loving it here.  I did encounter some electric problems in my dining room so my BIL that is an electrician has come out to see what the problem is.  Seems that we had some broke electric lines so he will be out this Saturday to do some rewiring for us.  He will also be running new electric line to the back barn as there was nothing back there and I really need something as that is where my horses are at.

I have finished all the stitching on the Christmas Stocking for the grandbaby now I just need to get some fabric to sew it all up.

I have also started on another stocking this one if  for my DIL.  This pic was taken last Friday, I will try and get a more recent pic up this weekend.

Now I'm off to get some more stitching done.  So much to do before Christmas gets here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

We bought a house.

My husband and I just bought a house we signed our papers last week.  The house is a 3 bedroom 2 full baths with a basement and sits on 10 acres.  I'm so excited looking forward to moving in.  So since we have been busy house hunting and now packing for the big move I have not stitched in a couple of weeks.  As soon as we get moved I plan on stitching all kinds of things for the new place.  Here are some pics of what the new place looks like.

Front of house
View from front door

Back of house

back of house
view from back
view from back

my pole barn for the horses

hubby's pole barn.
and here is my beautiful horses.

Monday, September 26, 2011

WIP Updates.

I have now stitched 11 days on the Santa Snowman stocking and I like the progress I'm making on it, but stitching with the Kreinik Metallic thread was giving me a headache so I put the stocking aside and started working on a piece that has a horse and reads welcome.  Here is progress pics of both.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Santa Snowman Stocking WIP 1

I have been stitching all week on the stocking and going through the stash and getting some things kitted up.  I just keep finding more and more to add to the to stitch pile.  Here is the progress of the stocking this is 7 days of stitching.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Santa Snowman Stocking WIP

I have been stitching on the stocking for 4 days now.  I think its turning out so cute.  I don't like the colors the pattern called for the name so trying to come up with some other colors as soon as I figure out what I want to do I will get the name stitched.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wave Runner Finished

After 7 weeks of stitching Waver Runner is now finished.  Now to wash, iron and get it framed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Project.

Since the grandbaby will be here the end of Nov.  Thought I better get started on her Christmas Stocking.  So I'm going to stitch Santa's Little Snowman by Stoney Creek.  It will be stitched on a 14ct blue marble aida..  Will update WIP pictures.

A little update.

Its been a busy 2 weeks with us selling the house and looking for another one I have not had much computer time.  I have been getting lots of stitching done.  I'm almost finished with Wave Runner will have pictures this weekend of it.  I'm hoping to have it finished by Sunday night or Monday.  With the grandbaby being born the end of Nov I decided to stitch her first stocking so today went and bought the fabric so I can get that started.  Will add pics of the Stocking that I will be stitching sometime this weekend also.  I have been going through all my stash I can not believe how much I have collected or the past 20 some years.  My niece is planning on coming to stay with me for a couple of days and she said she wants to go through all my stash before I get rid of anything.  I just taught her how to stitch a few months ago now she is a stitching addict also.  Hope everyone had a great week and thanks to all my followers that are reading this.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Waver Runner WIP 5

Monday is here so time for me to post an update of Wave Runner WIP.  This is 5 week up date.  I hoping to have it finished in the next 2 weeks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED)

HAED is having a sale so I did it.  I bought my 1st HAED.  Now to find time to stitch it and figure out what fabric I want to use.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lap Frame

I ordered myself a Z Lap Frame from Joann Fabrics on Wednesday, the order confirmation said it would take 7 to 10 days to get to me.  Imagine my surprise when I came home today to find it waiting for me.  Of course I had to put it together and try it out.  I love it!  Makes stitching much more comfortable.  I'm also new to the q-snap frames and I don't know how I stitched so many years with out having one.

So here it the picture of the lap frame with my wip waver runner in the q-snap frame.  I will have an updated WIP picture posted on Monday.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Waver Runner WIP 4

I got a lot of stitching done this week.  I want this one to be finished soon.  I have a pile building up on what I want to stitch next.  I'm scared that if I have more than one project going at a time nothing would ever get finished.
This was taken with my new cell phone so I hope the picture turns out good.

 So here is WIP week 4

Monday, August 15, 2011

I went shopping

I went shopping over the weekend.  My first stop was a yard sale and I found this kit for $1 so I picked it up.  The fabric smelled a little musty to me so I had to go to the LNS and pick up some fabric so I can stitch it.  I bought some 28 ct evenweave.

So after this great find I headed over to the LNS and found this pattern I thought I could not pass it up I think it would be a great companion to the Indian Maiden

and of course since your there you need to get fabric and some floss.

I'm just having to much fun stitching and shopping.

Waver Runner WIP 3

I have been stitching up a storm.  I will be starting page 2 as soon as I finish the little bit of stitching that I have left on the bottom.  This is 3 weeks of WIP.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Grandbaby.

We are excepting our first grand baby on 11/30/12.  We found out its a little girl I'm so very excited my son and his wife have been trying for 9 years to have a baby.  Here is the picture of the ultrasound that was done today.

Rebecca Lynn at 24 weeks.  Just 3 more months to go.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Waver Runner WIP

I'm stitching a Dimensions Gold Kit right now.  Its called Waver Runner so I will post every week my WIP on that one.

This is what it should look like when its complete.

This is a pic of week 1

WIP Week 2

Completed Stitching

, Some of my completed stitching that I have done over the years.