Monday, August 15, 2011

I went shopping

I went shopping over the weekend.  My first stop was a yard sale and I found this kit for $1 so I picked it up.  The fabric smelled a little musty to me so I had to go to the LNS and pick up some fabric so I can stitch it.  I bought some 28 ct evenweave.

So after this great find I headed over to the LNS and found this pattern I thought I could not pass it up I think it would be a great companion to the Indian Maiden

and of course since your there you need to get fabric and some floss.

I'm just having to much fun stitching and shopping.


  1. Oh Nice stuff you picked up! Love the patterns!

  2. Those two pieces will look great together.

  3. That's a great yard sale find for $1. I need to get out and find those bargains too! These will look great together.

  4. Those two go together nicely. If you soak the musty fabric and floss in water with some vinegar, dishsoap, and borax it will take the smell out.