Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lap Frame

I ordered myself a Z Lap Frame from Joann Fabrics on Wednesday, the order confirmation said it would take 7 to 10 days to get to me.  Imagine my surprise when I came home today to find it waiting for me.  Of course I had to put it together and try it out.  I love it!  Makes stitching much more comfortable.  I'm also new to the q-snap frames and I don't know how I stitched so many years with out having one.

So here it the picture of the lap frame with my wip waver runner in the q-snap frame.  I will have an updated WIP picture posted on Monday.


  1. That looks very nice! I love my Q-Snaps too. Happy Stitching!

  2. You have the same frame I have. I love it. Works very nice with the Q-Snaps

  3. Glad you are enjoying your new frame! I see you are getting lots of stitching done too since your last post! I just got a floor frame for my scrolls this year and I love it too! I'm also from MI.

  4. Theresa,

    I'm glad you like your new lap frame and Q-snaps! I was fine with just the Q-snaps until I decided to try to stitch 2 handed and got the Z lap frame. Once I started using it, I wondered why I hadn't done so sooner!